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Carbon fiber heater

2021-10-28 16:38:42

Carbon fiber heater is a high-tech product that is different from traditional electric heating tubes such as metal wires and halogens. It has long service life, high electric heating conversion efficiency, far infrared radiation, health and environmental protection. The heating element of the product is made of imported carbon fiber felt and carbon fiber yarn, which has the advantages of large power margin, high temperature resistance, strong high heat capacity, long service life, and power can be adjusted at will.


1. Energy saving.

Carbon fiber is a pure black body material. In the electric-heat conversion process, visible light is very small, and the electric-heat conversion efficiency is more than 95%.

(1) Compared with nickel-chromium, tungsten-molybdenum and other materials as heaters, it can save energy by 30%;

(2) 15.5% energy saving by boiling water

(3) The far-infrared rays emitted by it are directly absorbed by the human body, clothes, water, etc., and the heat loss is small during the heat transfer process, and the energy saving is strong;

(4) It has stronger absorption of carbohydrates, has a good carbon atom resonance effect, and greatly improves the efficiency of the product.


2. No instant current impact

The ignition does not require a ballast, and there is no pulse current impact when starting, which simplifies the lighting power supply and protection circuit, and prolongs the service life of the power supply and related electrical appliances.


3. The high heat radiation direction can improve the design directional heat radiation.


4. Environmental protection.

(1) No light pollution, no eye irritation and skin burns;

(2) No ultraviolet radiation and harmful gas

(3) No high-frequency radiation (only far-infrared radiation), no microwaves, electromagnetic waves, and the ability to absorb harmful light waves.


5. The light radiation is concentrated in the infrared band between 1.5-15μm.

The carbon fiber electric heating tube compares with the infrared ray of the metal heating element:

Organic matter absorption wavelength and infrared radiation intensity are increased by more than 30% respectively. Carbon fiber electric heating tube is used to irradiate processed food, because of the strong infrared radiation permeability and short conditioning time, the food texture can maintain the original taste. The heater made of carbon fiber electric heating tube has the function of promoting human blood circulation due to high infrared radiation intensity, which is beneficial to human health, and is known as a health-care heater.


6. Strong acid resistance and corrosion resistance.

Quartz glass is a good acid-resistant material (except hydrofluoric acid), which is 30 times that of acid-resistant ceramics and more than 100 times that of stainless steel (nickel-chromium alloy).

Carbon fiber heater.jpg

Carbon fiber heater.jpg

Carbon fiber heater.jpg


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