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Polyimide film heating elements

2021-10-29 14:55:19

100 pieces Polyimide film heating elements had been finished already. And they are packed well and would be sent out to Australia today.


1.  Thin type Polyimide film heating elements thickness range: 0.05-0.1mmT

2.  Polyimide film heating elements is flexible, minest bend R is 0.8mm

3.  The wattagesizeshape of Polyimide film heating elements can be made according to customer’s design.

4. The resistance is etched according to the design resistance value, with good heating uniformity.

5. Polyimide film heating elements can be designed and customized according to shape, size, power and voltage requirements.

6. Polyimide film heating elements can be conveniently integrated with thin thermal insulation materials to provide light electric heating elements with thermal insulation layer.

7. Single side adhesive can be selected for easy installation.

8. Approved by CE


Product application:

1. New energy industry (battery);

2. Communication security industry;

3. Camera, hard disk video recorder;

4. Power industry, military industry and Aerospace;

5. All kinds of electronic products to be heated;

6. Medical equipment, precision instruments and equipment;


Physical & electrical characteristics

Working voltage range

1~220V AC/DC

Max temperature range


Insulated voltage


Usage environment temperature range


Insulated resistance


Film heating   element thickness


Wattage density


compressive strength


Max wattange   density


Conductor tension


Usage life

5~10 year

Weld point tension



Polyimide film heating elements .JPG

Polyimide film heating elements.JPG


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