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tubular heating element

2021-11-10 15:55:28

After we use the electric tubular heating element for a period of time, it will break due to many factors. Today, I'll help you analyze the factors that cause this phenomenon. We roughly classify the following points:

Let's take a look at the introduction and characteristics of electric tubular heating element:

Introduction of electric tubular heating element:

Sinton Tubular resistance heating element is formed by installing electric resistance heating elements into seamless metal pipes (carbon steel pipe, titanium tube, stainless steel tube and copper tube), filling the gap with magnesium oxide powder with good thermal conductivity and insulation, and then processing into various shapes required by users. It has the advantages of simple structure, high thermal efficiency, good mechanical strength and good adaptability to harsh environment. The electric heating tube can be used for the heating of various liquids and acid-base salts, and is also suitable for the heating and melting of metals with low melting point.


Features of electric heating tube:

When making the tubular heating element, the metal tube is used as the heating body. According to the requirements of different heating pipe power and voltage, the resistance wire is made into a spring shape with a winding machine, then the electric heating wire is threaded into the seamless steel pipe, and then the protective sleeve is tightly filled with magnesium oxide powder with good insulation and heat conduction. Then use the pipe shrinking machine to narrow the pipe diameter. This manufacturing process can not only make the oxide medium dense, but also ensure that the electric heating wire is isolated from the air, so that it does not offset at the center and touch the pipe wall. Avoid uneven conduction or heating on the surface of the electric heating tube.


The stainless steel tubular electric heating element is not reasonably designed before manufacture, which involves the setting of size and power. The larger the power is and the size can not meet the requirements, the working load of the electric heating tube will be increased during use, resulting in expansion in the stainless steel heating tube, and the heat can not be well dissipated, resulting in the rupture of the electric heating tube.


When making electric heating element, the internal fillers are basically magnesium oxide powder. There are many varieties of magnesium oxide powder, uneven quality levels and mixed fish and dragons. Magnesia powder acts as a high-temperature insulation for the electric heating tube. If inferior magnesia powder is selected, the internal heat will gather inside the heater when it works, resulting in cracking, which belongs to the quality problem of the electric heating tube.


When the heater heats the liquid, it will gradually produce a lot of scale on the surface with the change of time. At first, these scale did not cause any harm to our heater, but for a long time, when the scale reached a certain thickness and did harm to the heat dissipation effect of the heater, the result of the rupture of the electric heating tube was not far away. This factor is also the most common one.


There is also a geological and climatic reason. In northern winter, the stainless steel electric heating pipe is easy to freeze and crack, resulting in serious water leakage. Special attention should be paid to the prevention and inspection of the stainless steel electric heating pipe. In addition, we should also know the classification and use of the stainless steel electric heating pipe. First of all, we need to understand the environmental factors that are easy to freeze crack of stainless steel electric heating tubes. For example:

1. The faucet and water pipe outside the house shall be equipped with anti freezing equipment (anti freezing bolt, anti freezing wooden box, etc.).

2. For rooms with water pipes, the door seams and window seams shall be pasted, and attention shall be paid to indoor insulation.

3. If there is ice in the house, hemp bags and straw ropes should also be wrapped.

4. The covered sand and soil washed away by flood in rainy season shall be filled before winter to prevent the soil layer from being too shallow and frost cracking the water pipe.

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