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Silicone rubber heating pad

2021-11-15 16:10:19

Silicone rubber heating pad is a particularly soft heating element composed of nickel chromium alloy wire and insulating material silicone rubber. It has high design power density, fast heating, high thermal efficiency and long service life. In addition to the heat tracing and insulation of general constant power belt, it can also be used in places requiring heating in some cases. Flexible Silicone rubber heating mat has good waterproof performance. It can be used for heating, heat tracing and thermal insulation of industrial equipment or laboratory pipes in wet and non explosive gas places. It can be directly wound on the surface of the heated part. It is simple, safe and reliable. It is applicable to the special silicone rubber electric heating pad for pipelines and solar energy in severe cold areas. Its main functions are thermal insulation of hot water pipes, thawing, melting ice and snow, etc. It has the characteristics of high temperature resistance, high cold resistance and aging resistance.

Technical parameters:

(1) Maximum service temperature: 180 degrees

(2) Maximum temperature resistance of insulating material: 220 degrees

(3) Power error: 8%

(4) Insulation resistance: ≥ 5 m Ω

(5) Withstand voltage strength: 1500V / 5S

(6) Withstand voltage: 6kV

(7) Overall dimension: maximum 1000mm * 1000mm, minimum 20mm * 25MM, lead length 150mm, maximum 15m

Performance characteristics

(1) It has excellent flexibility, can be directly wound on the heated device, good contact and uniform heating.

(2) The alkali free glass fiber core frame is wound with electric heating wire, and the main insulation is silicone rubber, with good heat resistance and reliable insulation performance

(3) During installation, the plane side of the sinton silicone rubber of the electric belt should be close to the surface of the medium pipe and tank, and fixed with aluminum tape. In order to reduce heat loss, the thermal insulation layer shall be added outside the electric belt.

(4) According to the needs of the heated device, it can be bent and wound at will, with small space occupation and simple and fast installation mode. The heating body is sleeved with silica gel insulator, and the tin copper braid can prevent mechanical damage.

Silicone rubber heating pad.jpg

Silicone rubber heating pad.jpg

Silicone rubber heating pad.jpg


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