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Casting Aluminum band heater

2021-12-03 14:35:26

Casting Aluminum band heater had been finished and ready for delivery.

Specification as follows

1. ID 230mm * high 290mm , voltage & wattage 380V 2300W each half band heater,

2. ID 190mm * high 300mm , voltage & wattage 380V 1700W each half band heater,


Sinton cast aluminum heating band heater is made of electric tubular heating element and aluminum casting. The heating element as the heating body is bent and formed, and enters the mold to cast aluminum into various products. It can closely fit with the heated body, with uniform heating, good thermal conductivity and long usage life. Sinton aluminum casting band heating element is one of the ideal heaters at home and abroad. According to the requirement of users, an insulating layer can be added outside the heater, which has higher thermal efficiency and can save about 20% of electricity.


Sinton casting aluminum band heating element is widely used in plastic machinery, mold, cable machinery, alloy die casting machine, pipeline, chemical industry, rubber, petroleum and other equipment.




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