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2021-12-04 14:40:45

PT100 order had been finished and ready for delivery

Specification Pt100 probe diameter 6mm * 152.4mm , with G1/2” thread.

PT100 is a platinum thermistor whose resistance is directly proportional to the change of temperature. The relationship between the resistance and temperature of Pt100 is as follows: when the temperature of Pt100 is 0 ℃, its resistance is 100 ohms, and at 100 ℃, its resistance is about 138.5 ohms. Its industrial principle: when PT100 is at 0 ℃, its resistance is 100 ohms, and its resistance will increase at a uniform speed with the rise of temperature.


Sinton Pt100 Aapplication: high precision temperature equipment such as medical treatment, motor, industry, temperature calculation and resistance calculation, with a very wide range of applications. To know more about our company RTD or other temperature sensor, welcome contact with us by

PT100 .jpg

PT100 .jpg


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