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hot runner coil heating elements

2021-12-15 16:00:20

200 pieces High wattage density Flat coil tubular heating elements,hot runner coil heating elments had been finished and ready for delivery to USA today.

Specification: 25mm OD * 4coil 230V 1000W insulation:500MΩ/500V with K type thermocouple wire inside , lead wire 1500mm

Sinton hot runner coil heating elements is made of high-quality stainless steel and strict process technology. This type of coil heating element has various forms of circular section, square section and flat section. The outer surface has two effects of bright and sand blasting treatment, and can be equipped with K-type, J-type or E-type temperature control thermocouple. Spring electric heater is widely used in hot runner plastic mold, blow molding machine, extruder and hot nozzle (sprue sleeve and nozzle).

hot runner coil heating elements.jpg

hot runner coil heating elements.jpg


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