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flange immersion heater

2021-12-16 16:00:41

500kw flange immersion heater for clients in the north of China had been finished and ready for delivery

380V 500kw DN400PN1 flange , material carton steel

Sinton flange immersion heater is is welded on the flange by a plurality of electric resistance tubular heating elements for centralized heating. It is mainly used for heating in open and closed solution tanks and circulating systems.

Sinton stainless steel flange immersion heater has the following advantages: high surface power, which makes the air heating surface load 2 ~ 4 times.  


Electric Flange electric tubular heater is highly dense and compact. As the whole is short and dense, it has good stability and no support is required for installation. The combined type mostly adopts argon arc welding to connect the electric tubular heating elements to the flange, or in the form of fastening device, that is, each electric heating element is welded with fasteners. Then lock with the flange cover with nuts. Argon arc welding shall be adopted for pipe fasteners to avoid leakage. The sealing part of fasteners adopts scientific technology.


Scope of application: flange electric heater is mainly used for insulation and heating of materials in various storage tanks, containers and oil tanks in petroleum, chemical, food, machinery and other industries. Flange type or threaded end face seal can be used for connection. 

flange immersion heater .jpg

flange immersion heater .jpg


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