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200 pieces J type thermocouple had been finished and ready for delivery to Canada today.

2021-12-22 15:50:00

200 pieces J type thermocouple had been finished and ready for delivery to Canada today.

Hole diameter 6mm , lead wire length 2 meter

How to identify thermocouple model? How to know it is J type thermocouple or K type thermocouple?We can identify it from follow points:

Point 1

K type thermocouple and J type thermocouple have different characteristics:

1. Characteristics of K-type thermocouple:

(1) High measurement accuracy. Because the thermocouple is in direct contact with the measured object, it is not affected by the intermediate medium.

(2) Wide measuring range. Common thermocouples can measure continuously from - 50 ~ + 1600 . Some special thermocouples can measure - 269 (such as gold, iron, nickel and chromium) at least and + 2800 (such as tungsten rhenium).

(3) The utility model has the advantages of simple structure and convenient use. The thermocouple is usually composed of two different metal wires, and is not limited by the size and beginning. There is a protective sleeve outside, which is very convenient to use.

2. Characteristics of J-type thermocouple:

J-type thermocouple has the characteristics of good linearity, large thermoelectric EMF, high sensitivity, good stability and uniformity, low price and so on.


Point 2

The use of the two thermocouples is different:

1. Use of K-type thermocouple: K-type thermocouple is a temperature sensor. K-type thermocouple is usually used together with display instrument, recording instrument and electronic regulator.

2. Use of J-type thermocouple: J-type thermocouple can be used in vacuum, oxidation, reduction and inert atmosphere, but the positive iron oxidizes rapidly at high temperature, so the use temperature is limited, and it can not be directly used in vulcanization atmosphere at high temperature without protection.




Point 3

The operating temperatures of the two thermocouple are different:

1. Operating temperature of sinton K-type thermocouple: when the operating temperature is 1300 ~ 1800 and the accuracy is required, B-type thermocouple is generally selected; The required accuracy is not high, and the atmosphere allows the use of tungsten rhenium thermocouples. Generally, tungsten rhenium thermocouples are used when the temperature is higher than 1800 ;

Sinton S-type thermocouple and n-type thermocouple can be used when the operating temperature is 1000 ~ 1300 and the accuracy is relatively high; K-type thermocouple and n-type thermocouple are generally used below 1000 , and E-type thermocouple is generally used below 400 ; T-type thermocouple is generally used for measurement at 250 and negative temperature. At low temperature, T-type thermocouple is stable and has high precision.

2. Operating temperature of sinton J-type thermocouple: the coverage measurement temperature range of iron constantan thermocouple is - 200 ~ 1200 , but the temperature range commonly used is 0 ~ 750 .

J type thermocouple.jpg

J type thermocouple.jpg

J type thermocouple.jpg



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