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Electric ceramic band heater had been finished and ready for delivery.

2021-12-23 15:50:49

Electric ceramic band heater had been finished and ready for delivery.

Specification 380V 800W ID 88.9mm , height 230mm


Performance and application of sinton electric ceramic band heater:

1. NiCr or FeCrAl alloy wire is wound in a small ceramic square and wrapped with a stainless steel shell. Widely used in plastic machinery, chemical fiber machinery and other industries.

2. Ceramic heater is a kind of heater with high efficiency and uniform thermal division. Metal alloy with excellent thermal conductivity ensures uniform temperature of hot surface and eliminates hot and cold spots of equipment. It has the advantages of long service life, good thermal insulation performance, strong mechanical performance, corrosion resistance, magnetic field resistance and so on. The external heat dissipation surface is added with a thermal insulation device, and the internal heat dissipation surface is sintered with infrared rays, which can save 30% of power consumption

3. Sinton electric ceramic band heater is not made by ordinary mica bending wire, but by threading ceramic strips. Therefore, the power of this product is 0.5 ~ 1.5 times higher than that of ordinary ones. The heating element is made of imported round wire ceramic, which is bent into a spring shape and inserted into the ceramic strip circle. The outer cover is made of stainless steel, and the middle is made of high-temperature heat insulation cotton (aluminum silicate fiberboard) to prevent temperature leakage. The ceramic strip is a high-frequency ceramic, which has the characteristics of fast heat transfer, hard and not fragile, high-temperature deformation and aging

4. It has the characteristics of high temperature resistance (up to 1200 degrees), anti-corrosion, beautiful and wear-resistant. It is widely used in high-temperature heating furnace, semiconductor engineering, glass, ceramics and wire engineering

5. Ceramic heater is a kind of heater with high temperature and long life. With the increasing working temperature demand in modern industry, ceramic heater can adapt to it, especially chemical fiber, engineering plastics, plastic machinery, electronics, medicine, food and various pipeline heating;

6. The ceramic heater is made of spiral resistance wire passing through specially designed high-temperature resistant ceramic tiles and precision extension. It can be bent. The beautiful metal shell and ceramic fiber constitute the thermal insulation layer. It forms an effective belt heater with high temperature, high power density, flexible design and easy installation. 

Electric ceramic band heater .jpg

Electric ceramic band heater .jpg

Electric ceramic band heater .jpg



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