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Electric ceramic Ignition for parking heater had been finished and ready for delivery to USA already.

2021-12-24 15:55:39

Electric ceramic Ignition for parking heater had been finished and ready for delivery to USA already.


      24V ST18-45-1   Qty:10 pieces

24V ST18-30    Qty:10 pieces

24V ST18-42-1   Qty:10 pieces

12V ST08-45-1   Qty:30 pieces

12VSTB08-42-1  Qty:40 pieces

12V ST08-42-4   Qty:5 pieces



1. Long time usage

2. Compact, light weight and energy saving

        3. Fast temperature rise and high temperature resistance

        4. High watt density, excellent thermal efficiency

        5. Excellent chemical resistance

        6. No electrical noise

      7. Physical manufacturing, safety and environmental protection, no radiation to human body

Sinton Ceramic ignitor Purpose: suitable for parking heater. The heating element and spark sensor used for ignition of vehicle auxiliary heating in cold areas can quickly gasify, ignite and burn the fuel by using silicon nitride heat generator. Therefore, the temperature in the vehicle can also rise rapidly shortly after the engine starts and when the idle speed stops.

Ceramic ignitor .jpg

Ceramic ignitor .jpg

Ceramic ignitor .jpg

Ceramic ignitor .jpg



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