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Sinton customers helical tubular heating element have been completed and ready to be delivered!

2022-09-09 17:20:55



1. Diameter: φ8mm-16mm;

2. Material: carbon steel, stainless steel, titanium pipe, imported materials;

3. The outer diameter of the screw: 60mm, and the length (expansion) of a single tube: within 6000mm;

4. Wiring end structure: terminal post, thread, limit stop, waterproof rubber head and lead;




Wood-based heating element are commonly used for static or flowing liquid and gas heating, and are widely used in molds, die heads, slots around the periphery of cast metal castings for positioning, screw, roller mill, barrel heating, multi-circulating gas and liquid heating inside and outside pipes, cleaning pool, solution tank, water heating and small oil tank heating.




1. The tubular diameter and spiral diameter must be strictly and reasonably designed;

2. Appearance: cylindrical spiral


If you want to buy helical tubular heating element, we are experienced and can provide you with better services and products.


Sinton Group mainly make kinds of electric heating elements and temperature sensor: For example , cartridge heater,hot runner coil heating element, tubular heater element, ceramic emitter, ceramic plate heating element, aluminium casting heater, mica band heater, ceramic band heating elements, Flexible ceramic heating pad, kapton heater, PI film heating elements, resistance wire, thermocouple, Pt100 etc. Also we make industrial heaters for example air duct heater, pipeline heater, oil circulation heater, drying oven etc. All of our heaters and temperature sensor can be OEM and now we have acquired CE certificate for our heating elements.




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