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Sinton customers standard yellow K type thermocouple plug have been completed and ready to be delivered!

2022-09-12 17:20:17

Thermocouple connector is widly used in thermocouple and RTD circuits,best solution for quick and good contact.





Connector for thermocouple and RTD circuits. Suited for small wires and mineral insulated cables.


Different models are on offer for different applications.



- Ceramic body with original thermocouple material pins and spring loaded inserts.

- Polarized pins ensure proper connection.

- Oversize screw head for easy wiring.


Wire size

- Accepts wires from 0, 1 mm to 0, 6 mm

- Maximum cable diameter 3, 4 mm



Temperature rating

- 200 Deg. C Max.


Color Code

- Available in all color code standards. Incl. IEC, DIN, NFE, BS, JIS, etc.

Calibration Code J K T E R/S U N

Conaract Material Positive Fe NiCr Cu NiCr Cu Cu NiCrSi

Contact Material Negative CuNi NiAl CuNi CuNi Alloy#11 Cu NiSi



Color Code

ANSI Color Code Black Yellow Blue Violet Green White Orange

IEC Color Code Black Green Brown Violet Orange White Pink

DIN Color Code Blue Gree

n Brown White




1.Thermoplastic body and ceramic material body are both available.

2.Original thermocouple alloy material pins, and spring loaded inserts.. Pins are polarized.

3.Solid pins and hollow pins are both available,offer good contact and competitive price.

4.Well designed body ensures good insulation inside, and well designed pins construct ensuresgood contact.

5. Maximum ambient temperature for thermoplastic body continuous usage is 200 degrees celsius.

6. Available in all colour code standards.


If you want to buy thermocouple connector, we are experienced and can provide you with better services and products.


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