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Flange heaters are used for heating industrial chemical liquids

Flange heaters are used for heating industrial chemical liquids

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Flange heaters are used for heating industrial chemical liquids


Flanged heaters, also known as plug-in electric heaters, are U-shaped tubular electric heating elements that are mounted on flange covers according to the design specifications for heating different media and power configuration requirements. When inserted into the material to be heated, the large amount of heat generated by the heating element is transferred to the heated medium, increasing the temperature of the medium and meeting the required process requirements. When the medium temperature reaches the set value required by the process, the control system adjusts the output power of the electric heater based on the temperature sensor signal through PID operation to achieve temperature control of the resistive load of the heating element. In this way, the medium temperature can be uniform to meet the required requirements. When the heating element overheats or reaches a low liquid level, the interlock protection device of the heating element immediately cuts off the heating power supply to prevent the heating element from burning out and extend its service life.


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