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Polyimide heaters

Polyimide heaters

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Polyimide heaters


Polyimide heaters, also known as Kapton heaters. Polyimide heaters offer the thinnest profile of all flexible heaters, providing precise heat distribution and excellent tensile strength. They perform well in extreme high temperature environments or in small spaces.

Polyimide Material: Polyimide film has excellent dielectric strength, excellent electrical strength, excellent heat transfer efficiency and good resistance stability.

Rapid Heating: The heating temperature of PI heating film can up to 150 ℃, the heating speed is fast, and it is specially used for 3D printers.

Reliable Heat Source: The heat source of the PI heating film is more reliable and more flexible than the PCB heating plate.

Adhesive: PI heating film mount NTC 100K thermistor with strong adhesive on the back for easy installation and no displacement.

Ultra Thin: PI heating film is small in size, although it is very thin, it can provide heat quickly and uniformly.


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