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Thermal oil heater for non-woven hot rolling mill

Thermal oil heater for non-woven hot rolling mill

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Thermal oil heater for non-woven hot rolling mill


In the production process of non-woven fabrics, the heating system of the hot rolling mill is a vital part. However, there may be some problems with traditional heating methods, such as uneven heating, inability to meet national environmental protection requirements, and inaccurate temperature control.In order to solve these problems, thermal oil-electric heating equipment came into being.


The principle of the thermal oil preheating equipment is to use the good thermal conductivity of the thermal oil to heat the non-woven fabric hot rolling mill by heating the thermal oil.The thermal oil circulates in the system, transmitting heat evenly to all parts of the hot rolling mill.


In the heating system of a non-woven hot-rolling mill, circulating thermal oil-electric heating equipment can play the following roles:


1. Uniform heating: The preheating equipment of the thermal oil can ensure that the heat in the heating system of the non-woven hot-rolling mill is evenly distributed, avoiding local overheating or subcooling, thereby improving the quality of the product.


2. Precise temperature control: This equipment can realize precise control of the heating temperature, so that the temperature of the hot rolling mill can be stabilized within the required operating temperature range, which is conducive to the production of high-quality non-woven products.


3. Improve production efficiency: The rapid heating capacity of the thermal oil preheating equipment can shorten the heating time of the hot rolling mill, improve production efficiency, and meet the efficient production needs of enterprises.


4. Energy saving: The equipment can use the waste heat of the thermal oil to reduce energy waste.At the same time, its efficient heat transfer performance also helps to improve energy utilization efficiency.


When choosing circulating thermal conductivity heating equipment, enterprises need to consider the following factors:


1. Equipment performance: Equipment with fast heating speed, accurate temperature control and high stability should be selected to meet production needs.


2. Safety performance: Choose equipment with perfect safety protection measures, such as over-temperature protection, leakage protection, etc., to ensure the safety of the production process.


3. Equipment quality: Choose reliable equipment to reduce maintenance costs and failure rates.


4. Manufacturer reputation: Choose a reputable manufacturer to ensure the quality of equipment and after-sales service.


The application of electric heating thermal oil preheating equipment in the heating system of non-woven hot-rolling mills can solve the problems of traditional heating methods and improve product quality and production efficiency.When choosing equipment, enterprises should comprehensively consider factors smance, safety performance, quality and manufacturer reputation, and choose electric heuch as equipment perforating thermal oil preheating equipment suitable for their own needs.


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