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Cartridge immersion heater

Cartridge immersion heater

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Product name: Cartridge immersion heater, Flanged immersion heater

Power and Voltage:they can be made according to your design.

Custom cartridge solutions allow Sinton’s customers to achieve their thermal needs even in the most challenging applications.

Instructions for use:

1. Before installation, use a multimeter to measure whether the heating element is powered on. If there is no problem in multimeter measurement, then install it. If it is not powered on, please contact us.

2. Heating element need to be wired in the correct way. Because wrong wiring will cause slow heating and burn out the heating pipe. 

Instructions for using cartridge heater:

1. The effective heating part of the cartridge heater must be kept dry.

2. The electric connector of the cartridge heater should be placed outside the heating chamber of the insulation layer, the working voltage should not exceed 10% of its rated value, and the shell should be effectively grounded.

3. The working environment of electric heating elements, the temperature is not more than 90 degrees, and there is no explosive or corrosive gas.

4. Electric heating elements should be stored in a dry place, and should not be affected with damp.

Inside the cartridge heater is glass fiber insulated nickel wire or glass fiber insulated wire cable, or PTFE/PTFE wire cable, etc, which can be customized according to customer requirements.



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