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casting alumnium plate type heating elements

casting alumnium plate type heating elements

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Product Description

Casting Aluminum Heat Plate are constructed by winding a nickel-chrome resistance ribbon around aluminum insulation and encapsulated in a stainless steel sheath. They are available in an extensive variety of sizes and shapes with options for holes,notches and cut-outs. A number of threaded terminals, wire lead options and terminal boxes offer great flexibility for field wiring. With temperature capabilities of up to 900°F, these heaters are ideal for plastic processing applications and for anywhere heat is needed on a flat or curved surface.

Product Overviews

Metal casting heater is one kind heating element of high efficiency divide equably.Good thermal conductivity metal alloy,ensure
hot surface temperature equably,eliminate hot point and cold point of device.It has long use-life,good keep warm property,strong
mechanical,corrosion-proof,magnetic field proof advantages etc.

Surface load of casting aluninium:2.5~4.5w/cm2,working temperature between 150-350C

Surface load of casting cooper:3.5-5.0w/cm2,working temperature between 150-450C

Surface load of casting iron:4.5~6.0w/cm2,working temperature between 150-700C

Product Paramenters


Aluminium, Iron,Copper

Working temperature

Al 350deg.C, Ir 800deg.C ,Co 600deg.C

Power( w/cm2)

2.5~4.5, 4.5~6.0,3.5~5


Round or Flat


Siliver, Red,Yellow



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