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Hotplates for coffee and teamakers, food warmers PTC ceramic heating elements

Hotplates for coffee and teamakers, food warmers PTC ceramic heating elements

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The heating element consists of a honeycomb body made of Positive Temperature Coefficient material based on a doped semiconducting titanate ceramic. The body has current supply points on its two opposite faces -- the holes in the honeycomb are not obstructed. The body consists of separate pipes of small diameter (0.5-5mm) and thin walls (0.2-2mm) and fused together by sintering with a ceramic of the same composition. The honeycomb is simple to fabricate, and is efficient in heating the medium flowing through the body.


SINTON Positive Temperature Coefficient conductive heating elements are dynamic heating elements combining heating and temperature limiting in a single unit.

The range of application of Positive Temperature Coefficient heating elements is almost unlimited. The elements need very little mounting space and feature a high power density.

For example:


- Hotplates for coffee and teamakers, food warmers

- Heating of fluid-filled vessels

- Laminating equipment

- Video cameras

- Ultrasonic cleaning equipment

- Hair care appliances

- Cosmetic appliances

- Massage appliances

- Inhalation equipment

- Valve heating

- Condensation/frost protection

- Medical apparatus

- Toys

- Telecommunication




Wide Application

100% new and high quality ptc heating element , wide application as above


The ptc heating element comes with a 15cm lead wire(or as your design), which is high temperature resistant. It can be easily used to heat solids and gases. Simple structure, easy to install and long service life

Heating Element

Safe to use and can be dry heated for a long time, with high reliability

Durable & Eco-friendly

It is made of aluminum, eco-friendly, sturdy and durable in use


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