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3D Printer Silicone Heated Beds

3D Printer Silicone Heated Beds

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Sinton brand 3D Printer Silicone Heated Beds

Size:500 X 500mm 

Power and voltage: 120V 750W


Product Description 

1. Sinton brand silicone heater for your 3D printer heat-bed. Fast Heating with 5.2W per square inch.

2. Surface mount NTC 100K thermistor ( R-T table available)

3. 3M adhesive backing offers excellent and easy mounting.

4. Versatile and may be used in many other applications.

Custom Design Welcome. If you need different heating solution and management, just tell us your requirements/applications and let our flexible thermal pros design for you.

Why Sinton Brand Heaters?

As one of the first manufacturers of flexible heaters( Silicone Heaters & Kapton Heaters) in China, we understand that the reliability of our heating elements for your devices,equipment or machines can NEVER be OVER-emphasized, and we offer best quality at reasonable prices with the following promises:

a) We use ONLY Arlon silicone rubber substrate imported from the United States and authentic DuPont kapton film in production to provide the best heater performance and the longest serving life, especially at high temperatures or in long time heating process.

b) We offer FREE assistance in heater design to achieve an ideal thermal heating solution for your application. A general idea of what you want is enough to turn our flexible heater design experts on working for you.

c) Each and every heater is newly made to order and factory-inspected before delivery to you.

Sinton is your right choice if you are looking for high quality heaters with 100% guarantee.



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